Auction Item #1 and Blush Giveaway Winner

Sep 07, 2010

Congrats to Tatum Hawkins, the winner of the BLUSH giveaway. How often does pull up #1 ? Email me your address, Tatum, and it will be in the mail shortly!

Our first auction items come to us from the fabulous Sarah Hull, in Southern California. Sarah has an inspiring blog, about life, photography, crafts, motherhood, and her unique struggles with her darling daughter, Katie, born with Spina Bifida. She has been a huge support to me over the past two years, since Lucy's death. And the kicker? I've never met her. She's an amazing person with a heart of gold.  Sarah is donating several different headbands as well as a 30-minute Saturday photography session, for those of you in So Cal.


-Leave a comment indicating which item you are 'bidding' on and how much you are willing to 'pay'. Auction items are donated to A Good Grief for FREE. The money you spend on the headbands or photo session will actually go into the Good Grief fund to pay for headstones. Essentially, you are making a donation and getting something fabulous in return (besides the incredible feeling that comes from helping a devastated family in need).

-Items will go to the highest bidder. Auction closes this Thursday, September 9th at 12 a.m.

To learn more about the products Sarah creates, go to her Penelope Lane website HERE, and visit her photography blog HERE to find a Saturday time that will work for your family.


Autumn Brown- headband #1


Autumn Boquet- headband #2


Cute as a Button-headband #3


Twirling- headband #4

Happy Hair- headband #5


Little Angel- headband #6


30-minute family photo session (Southern California)



Amber on 09/07/2010
I am bidding 10.00 for Autumn Brown- headband #1

janet higley on 09/07/2010
40.00 for the photo session

Kristen B. on 09/08/2010
I am bidding $10.00 for headband #4--"twirling".

Jennifer Harris on 09/08/2010
I am bidding $15 for "Autumn Brown" headband #1 and also $10 for Autumn Boquet headband #2

Jamey on 09/08/2010
I am bidding $12 for #4 "twirling"

Sherry on 09/09/2010
bid $10 for "little angel" #6

Amy Saville on 09/11/2010
Bid $10 for Happy Hair- headband #5

janet higley on 09/14/2010
how and when do we pay...

Molly on 09/14/2010
Janet, If you go to the latest blog here, you will see the instructions I left. The easiest way is to make your payment through this website under the "Our Cause" section. If you don't have a paypal account and would like to send me a check, send me an email and I'll let you know where to send the check. Once I have received your payment, you can coordinate things with Sarah. Thank you!

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