Giveaway #2

Dec 08, 2009


Head on over to MelancholySmile for a chance to give these headbands and other lovlies to someone in need. I wouldn't complain if someone nominated me! (Please know that I'm joking...a little bit. They're beauties!)

I am sobered by the comments we’ve received thus far. If my pockets were bottomless I’d be giving a gift card and so much more to every person nominated. I have cried as I’ve read the short descriptions of some of the struggles your family and friends are experiencing. I’ve been humbled realizing that maybe people do read this website and that maybe there is some good coming out of all of this. Namely, gratitude for our blessings and softening of our hearts toward our fellow men. I’ve wondered if there was anyone “out there” reading these beautiful stories of faith. You’ve all shown me that there is a need and that there is love and hope. Those you nominated are lucky to have you.  Thank you for sharing your lives with me. I will continue sharing mine.

I’ll be posting the winner of the Target gift card early Wednesday morning. God Bless.



This just in...ONE MORE GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY today. The Jet Set. Awesome wooden train set.


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