The Winner Winner

Dec 09, 2009

I was too nervous. I had to call Justin to do it. told him the winner and he told it to me while I held my breath...

#52--Shea on 12/07/2009
for a neighbor who is a single Mom and has struggled to make ends meet all year around.

Email me at with your neighbor's info and I'll get it in the mail pronto. It has been an honor to host this.

And there are still several chances to give. Did you see yesterday's giveaways? Today's can be found HERE and HERE. Later this week---something special from renowned photographer Justin Hackworth. Keep your eyes out and spread the holiday cheer. Giveaway, oh, giveaway.





shea on 12/12/2009
Hi Molly, I left a message on your blog with my email address. Thanks so much. I cant believe I actually won something for her. She's going to be excited and wonder were it came from. Thanks again. Shea

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