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Feb 24, 2010

Every little girl has a friend that seems like a sister to them- Molly was mine. Our parents became best friends when we were in grade school. We were very close growing up spending nearly every weekend, family vacations, and all major Holidays together. In fact, I cannot remember a childhood Christmas or Thanksgiving without Molly seated next to me. We had great times making up dances, shopping, laughing at our parents, cheerleading together, skateboarding down the road, and trying so hard NOT to laugh during every prayer!

  We shared clothes, secrets, fears, and joys with each other. We spent many late nights talking about what our futures would be like: we were both going to be marry incredibly handsome and talented men- which we did (in fact, Molly was with me when we hatched the plan for me to start dating my husband), have successful careers, raise beautiful children, live in beautifully decorated and clean homes, and be influential in the lives of others. We did not anticipate that into our lives would also come trials, obstacles, and heartaches. As a child the concept that in order to have experiences you must also have pain did not exist.

When I got married, Molly was my bridesmaid, and then a few years later I was able to be a part of her wedding. We didn’t see each other for many years after that, but always knew that a strong bond existed. The moment I heard about Lucy’s accident I wanted her to know that I cared. It was a joy to be able to reconnect with Molly at Lucy’s funeral, but a tragic excuse to see a best friend.

I am in the industry of helping others to preserve their memories in custom storybooks. I have the best job in the world and am proud to be a Heritage Makers consultant. As Molly has so beautifully illustrated through her blog and her online community, writing can be therapeutic. Sharing stories is how we build relationships, strengthen families, and pass on our heritage. I wanted to create a special book for Molly using her own text and her own photos to document Lucy’s short life on this earth. I was able to give it to Molly shortly after the funeral and hope that Vic and Molly can find peace as they reflect on Lucy’s life and God’s Plan for their sweet daughter. (It was the book that Molly was looking at during her interview with Studio 5).

When Molly started A Good Grief I wanted to be able to contribute to the concept of dealing with grief through the enriching power of a community. I have committed to donate a custom 8x8 storybook each month to help somebody tell their story. It does not have to be a story of grief- I am hoping to help write life stories, love stories, family vacation stories, and stories about the importance of family values and Heritage. Each month I will randomly draw an entry and help the winner to create their book using the best publisher and technology in the industry.

The Heritage Makers publisher is fun, user-friendly, and easy. It allows the user to upload their photos (you can create a free account at my website: www.storybookforlife), browse the extensive template gallery, take online tutorials, and begin and publish your books. You can also create custom playing cards, posters, scrapbook pages, gallery wrapped canvas prints, cards, cookbooks, and more- the possibilities are endless. I am also looking for like minded individuals who want to help introduce the concept of storybooking to others and join my team as a Heritage Makers consultant. It really is a job where you can make a lucrative income while making a difference!

I am grateful for my relationship with Molly. Through our shared experiences growing up, she played a role in many aspects of my character- and for that, I am thankful!


Kymberly Mann Stoddard



*editor's note


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Annalisa Labor on 02/24/2010
The book is beautiful. I've been wanting to create a scrapbook for my brother when I see him in May before he deploys overseas. The templates are wonderful.

Rebecca on 02/25/2010
What a great idea, I have been scrapbooking for a while and love the concept of having a book to look at, great for kids!

joanna wilson on 02/25/2010
it is a gift to have the stories of our lives in picture form (one picture is worth a thousand words) i have tried hard to keep my family in my heart. this seems to be a great program with beautiful ideas and good help. i wish you and your sister success

Heidi on 02/25/2010
I love picture books, what a treasure to have.

jill Parkinson on 02/25/2010
My dad passed away just over a year ago. I have a box of photos and the talks my siblings and I gave at his funeral. I really want to get them into a book...but don't know where to start. This would be a great gift not only for my brothers, but for all of my dad's grandkids. I'm heading over to your site.

Cherie on 02/25/2010
I wondered about Molly's beautiful storybook when I saw her interview. What a wonderful way to capture memories!

Sue on 02/25/2010
What a treasure.

Angie Hill on 02/26/2010
I can think of so many events that I would love to capture in a book! What a great idea!

Trudy on 02/26/2010
This is wonderfully awesome!! It would be hard to choose which subject in my life to do.

Cheryl on 02/26/2010
I would love this! I am planning on making a book for each of my children for their birthdays this year!

Sheri M on 02/26/2010
What a fabulous idea!

Toni on 02/26/2010
I love this idea. As a mother who just burried her 4th child, something like this is amaizng.

Sharon on 02/26/2010
What a terrific way to record family history!

Sarah on 02/26/2010
What a great way to document and remember family, love, life!

Rebecca Jeppson on 02/26/2010
I am not the most deserving entrant..but would still love to win!

Michelle E. on 02/26/2010
I love these books!

Karyn M on 02/27/2010
I am obsessed with these book and have been making annual 'yearbooks' and vacation scrapbooks with for years. Kymberly is an amazing story consultant, writing assistant, and designer (and a rockstar sister- I would know).

Kaylynn on 02/27/2010
Love, love, LOVE this!

Amanda on 03/01/2010
I love these books!

Shara J Harper on 03/01/2010
I thought I had commented last week but I guess I didn't? ANYWAY: these books are AWESOME. I want one!! :)

Jessie on 03/01/2010
Love this!

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