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Sep 01, 2010

It was one year ago, this month, that we launched A Good Grief. There are several improvements I want to make. There are several unwritten blog entries. There are dreams of making more money to donate to more people, and magical ways of healing and hope I long to create...but bit by bit this site has been gaining momentum, recognition,  and I hope more than anything, that it has touched and helped those of you who come here to find companionship in your grief. 

During the month of September, I will be hosting giveaways, holding on-line auctions, and publishing more moving stories. Join me all month long for fundraising and prizes. If you have an auction item you would like to donate, PLEASE contact me. mollymjackson@gmail.com

The best part about this month-long anniversary celebration, is that you will get to "meet" and hear from some of the families that you have helped. Photos of beautiful headstones and words from parents and siblings, thanking you for your donations. I can't wait to spread the love around.

To kick off the anniversary of this website, the girls over at BLUSH are giving away one of their famous "topless" undershirts. They gifted me two of them when I was pregnant with Peter (one grey, one black) and these little gems opened up an entirely new maternity wardrobe for me. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.


To enter the giveaway, leave a comment letting me know that you read this blog. Tell me what this website has done for you, what it has taught you. For multiple chances to win, become a fan of BLUSH on facebook or follow them on Twitter. I wish I knew how to make a facebook page for Good Grief. Hmm...I'll have to look into that.

Thank you for your support over this past year. Running this website has been very healing for me. I look forward to hearing from all of you and learning from your amazing examples of courage and faith. The feelings that accompany the act of writing a check to a family to pay for a headstone are indescribable. Reading your loving comments to one another, knowing that you are finding others who are in your same shoes, has added meaning to this work, and to my life. To Lucy's life. Thank you.

* I almost forgot! If you fall in love with the blush undershirts, have some fun shopping by entering the code "welovebloggers" and receive 20% 2 shirts or more. They make great gifts. And admit it, you have several cute sweaters waiting to come out of your closet this fall, but somehow they've become a little too short. The solution is to either send them to me, or buy a topless undershirt to literally extend the life and look of your wardrobe.





Tatum Hawkins on 09/01/2010
this is actually my first time visiting your blog! since you and your family are friends with my husband and his family, i've gotten to know indirectly a little more about your Lucy. recently a sibling of a close friend lost their daughter in a similarly tragic accident which had Sam and i both in tears. losing a child was brought very close to home from that experience. and now that we are expecting our first, the idea of children and families has a whole new meaning for us and i feel more empathetic to those who have lost and hope that i can help in some small way, if just by being a listening ear. the topless undershirt looks awesome, i'd love to win, especially since i'm at a point where i'm at a loss about what to do about my "maternity" wardrobe!

Jess Bowman on 09/01/2010
I read this blog and it has helped me through my very own grief of losing my son to Congenital Heart Disease at just 44 days old. I also find that I feel like I belong and that I am NOT alone after all. It has taught me to express myself freely and not to be afraid to share my raw emotions with the world. It has helped me to share my testimony of the resurrection and of my LDS religion, as I am the ONLY member in my entire family. Thank YOU Molly! xoxoxo, Love Jess

Amy Saville on 09/01/2010
Molly, You are an answer to my prayers. We've been stuggling so much with the loss of our Son Gabe and the changes that come with it. They day you emailed me back to quickly and offered your help with his headstone. You were the answer I needed that day. What a blessing to be able to help those in need and what an incredible blessing to those of us who are in need and recieve help from you and all those generous wonderful people who donate to your cause. Thank you again.

Shara on 09/01/2010
Congrats on one year, Molly--that is HUGE! One year of beautiful, heartbreaking stories that bond us all together through living stories. One year of giving of yourself and being so open with the WORLD in a way that most people shrink away. One year of blessing countless lives and very countable ones too. You are doing an amazing work. Thank you for Lucy, your Love, and the motivation you hold on to as you inspire the rest of us!

Shannon on 09/01/2010
Well, I must say that sometimes reading the posts on this blog makes me kind of sad, but it's not a depressed kind of sad. It's more like a "wake up and realize what is most important each day, girl, cause others have gone through this and that..... kind of sad." Does that make sense? It's very faith promoting and humbling, not to mention inspiring to see how people grieve with life's experiences. Happy one year! I would love to try this topless undershirt since nothing fits me right now and I'm 9 1/2 months pregnant!

Marin D on 09/02/2010
I can't believe it has been a year. I have been following your blog for a while and was excited when you started this. What a great way for those grieving to connect. I am involved with a grief support center that is just starting up where I live and reading each of the stories posted here gives me good insight into others'grief. It makes me a much more compassionate person. What a beautiful thing you have done.

Gretchen on 09/02/2010
Congratulations Molly! I first started reading your blog when I saw you on Studio 5. I was so touched by your story and the amazing blessing you have been to others while healing from your own loss. I have never experienced that kind of loss but you inspire me to be a better person, wife, and mother. Like Shannon mentioned, this blog is faith promoting and humbling and I thank you for that.

Shannon B on 09/03/2010
Wow, 1 year. Amazing. I love to read this blog because I always come away uplifted and full of hope, which may sound strange because this website is all about grief, but it's the truth. I haven't dealt with an abundance of grief in my own life, but I find strength in the stories of those who share here.

Kristen on 09/04/2010
Congrats on your hard work!!! I've read every single post and have come away feeling touched, humbled, and inspired by the courage of these brave families. Keep up the good work!!!

Kristyn on 09/20/2010
Way to gon on creating something so wonderful!

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