Dream Come True

Sep 17, 2010

To start things off by sounding like Abba, "I had a dream". But mine wasn't about Fernando. It was about creating this website and actually helping people. And one year later, to the exact day, I was back in the LunaWebs studio, where this website was born, handing a check to a family to pay for their son's headstone. It was so surreal, and so beautiful. I suffered a horrible loss. I had an idea to put meaning and purpose to my pain--to help others, and then somehow, with a lot of fairy dust and magic--it came to pass. Not just with the Saville Family, who we met and shared tears with yesterday, but with several other families as well. But this was the largest donation we've made, and the first time I've been there in person to give the check.

BYU Television approached us a few months ago wanting to do a mini-documentary on our family and A Good Grief. After doing the bulk of the interview last month at our home, yesterday was the day to wrap up the project. We started the morning at Lucy's grave, then headed to LunaWebs where Amy and David were waiting for us, along with their 4-year-old son, Issac.  BYUtv had wanted to interview a family whom we had helped, but we had no idea the timing would be so perfect with our latest donation. The Saville's drove down from Pocatello to meet us and to participate in the documentary.

Vic, Peter and I waited in the lobby, seven floors below, while the crew got things set up. A few minutes later we rode the elevator (much to Peter's delight) upward to meet a family whose hearts and pain we know, even though we have never met them. The elevator doors opened, we turned left and headed to the conference room. I saw Amy sitting on the edge of the couch with her hands neatly resting in her lap. Our eyes made contact and a lump formed in my throat. Just a few more steps and we were embracing each other with wet cheeks.

We sat and chatted and got to hear all about the beautiful headstone they have picked out for their son, Gabe. We heard about their other children, David's job, their life in Idaho. But mostly we got to feel of their love and their spirits and their incredible faith. I left on such a high.

Thank you. Thank you to all of you have read, donated, supported, emailed, written, encouraged, and passed this site along to those in need. Many lives are being enriched and blessed. Especially mine.

In Amy Saville's words:

Yesterday I was stressing out about the cost of Gabe’s headstone, they’re quite a bit more than we had planned on. Mainly because we wanted the picture of Christ with the little boy holding his finger on it in color. The picture will be an 8X10 and in porcelain. The picture is almost as much as the headstone with engraving and placement put together.

A few weeks ago Gary and Colleen felt inspired to give me an article in the Mormon Times called “Finding A Good Grief in Loss” It is the story of a family who lost their little girl Lucy at age 2. This wonderful family has set up a foundation called A Good Grief. They help families with the cost of headstones so the family can have what they want to remember their loved one. I emailed Molly (the mother & founder) yesterday and within 30 minutes she had responded to me. She said to send her a copy of Gabe’s Obituary and the monument companies information and she’d send them a check. I was overcome with joy and gratitude for her and her family and the great work they are doing. The cost of our headstone was more than her foundation could provide at the time so she told me the portion they could pay. Then an hour or so later I got a second email from her saying they had just received another large donation so it was meant to be that they help us with our headstone. She also said next month she’s holding and online auction in celebration of their website’s 1 year anniversary. So if we could wait 3 weeks they may be able to cover the entire cost. Once again I had to thank my Heavenly Father for the great multitude of blessings he’s sent to us in the past month and a half.  Please visit the site and read the families story and see the wonderful things they are doing to help those of us struggling with grief of losing a loved one.

When they handed us the check yesterday, I didn’t expect the entire headstone to be paid for because Gabe's headstone was so much. But they did cover the entire cost of it,and I cried again. They said ours is the largest donation they’ve made. Because of The Good Grief Website that Molly and Vic run and because of all those generous people out there our Gabe will have the headstone he deserves and the headstone that we wanted to represent his resting place on this earth. We feel so blessed by this and really don’t have words to thank Molly and Vic and to express our sincere gratitude to them.


* Congrats, and THANK YOU to Cherie, who won the darling purse from Cornflower Attic. Submit your payment via paypal on this site, or email me if you prefer to send a check to my home address.

New Auction items being posted later today.






Sue Anderson on 09/17/2010
That is wonderful, Molly. I think it's about time I made another donation. =)

Melanie Gordon on 9/17/2010 on 09/17/2010
This is beautiful. The smiles are priceless amidst the pain that lies underneath.

Shara on 09/19/2010
Inspiring, Molly & Vic! What a labor of love.

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