Auction Item #4- Freckled Flower Shop

Sep 22, 2010


THE FRECKLED FLOWER SHOP  has given us a pair of earrings (so lovely!) and a zebra tutu set. (Includes pink and black tutu and zebra wings...are you kidding? Just in time for Halloween for your little Princess). Read a little more about her products HERE. Thank you, Chante, for your donation to the auction. Let the bidding begin!

*Items to be bid on seperately. Bidding ends Friday, September 24th at midnight. 





Heather on 09/22/2010
Molly are these separate or together?

Molly Jackson on 09/22/2010
Sorry, Heather. Should have clarified that. They are separate.

Rebecca Wood on 09/22/2010
I would love the earring's I bid $10

Julie Good on 09/22/2010
I would love the tutu and wings! I bid $10.

Heather Scukanec on 09/22/2010
My niece would look adorable in the tutu. Bid $20.

Kelli Babbitt on 09/22/2010
My daughter would love the tutu, I bid $25

Shara H on 09/23/2010
Bidding $15 on the earrings

Alison Jenkins on 09/23/2010
I bid $18 on those adorable earrings

Shara H on 09/24/2010
$20 for the earrings :)

Rebecca W on 09/26/2010
I am thinking $24 for the earrings

Molly Jackson on 09/27/2010
Rebecca W- Although you had a higher bid, it came in after the auction closed! So Sorry!

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