Did I Expect Angels?

Sep 27, 2010

Looks like Shara and Kelli are the winners of our latest auction. Both items were so scrumptious. Thank you, Chante, for your darling donations.

To recieve your items, please do the following.

1) Shoot me an email with your home address

2) Submit your payments via paypal on this website

3) Wait by your mailbox (with baited breath)


Today we are featuring a fantastic book written by an aquaintance of mine from my days in NYC. Kathryn Maughn is now a bonified published author and she is giving away her book to the first twenty people who would like a copy.  She sent me a copy last month and I am part way through it. It is compelling, wonderfully written, and very poingnent.

About her book: "Did I Expect Angels?"

Jennifer Huffaker knows that grief is normal, but she thought she’d get over it—that’s what people do. But it’s been eighteen months since her husband Jack died, and she still can’t focus on her young daughter Kaitlin, can’t accept support from her family, and can’t allow herself to live without the love of her life. Jennifer is angry at everything and everyone—including herself for being so unprepared. But what did she expect? Angels?

On the day after Christmas her anguish finally becomes too much, and Jennifer’s pain culminates in a shattering decision. But this is also the night she runs into Henry, an elderly friend from Costa Rica who has seen more of life’s trials than anyone could know. Henry realizes the devastating depths to which Jennifer has sunk, and he decides that tonight is the night to tell her his story.

Touching and incisive, poignant, and sometimes bitingly funny, both Jennifer’s and Henry’s stories intermingle into a tale of love, despair, faith and, ultimately, hope, as Jennifer realizes she has been blessed with the most unexpected angel of all …

If you know anyone who could benefit from this, please leave a comment letting me know who in your life could use this great book, and we'll send a copy to the appropriate person. You can find it on Amazon HERE as well. (How cool is it to that my friend is a published author? I hope to be one of those myself one day).



Katlyn Quinn-Schroeder on 09/27/2010
I know someone...

Amy Saville on 09/27/2010
It sounds wonderful and I'm finding myself in constant need of an uplifting story at difficult time in my life. I'd love a copy..

Rae Anna Christensen on 09/27/2010
We just passed the 12th anniversary of our sweet Lacey's birthday in heaven. Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I would make it this far. I realized this year that every anniversary we celebrate, is one more year closer to being with her again. I've also just gone through a year that was "worse" than the one we went through after Lacey left us behind. I can finally say there are things worse than burying a child. Like I told this sweet daughter of mine...."at least I know where Lacey is sleeping each night....and who she is with." There is some comfort in that. Bless you, all of you, who deal with departing loved ones. You're not alone!

Wendy Jones on 09/27/2010
Can we nominate ourselves? Because if we can, I do . . . if that makes any sense.

Sherry Scott on 09/27/2010
42 West 400 North Salem, Utah 84653 I recently lost a grandson to SIDS and 9 months later lost my Daughter in Law to a broken heart from loosing her son.

Emily Aune on 09/27/2010
I'd love a copy!

Emily Aune on 09/27/2010
Oh and I have a friend who lost her little boy 2 years ago. http://giftsfromgavin.blogspot.com/. I'm sure she would love a copy.

Patty Horne on 09/27/2010
I have a neighbor who lost two children. I would love her to have the book. She is grieving and could use some support. Thank you.

Jan Hall on 09/27/2010
I would love to receive this book, and thanks1

Molly Jackson on 09/27/2010
Yes, you can nominate yourself! I am hoping to see all of your addresses in my email inbox.

Jamie Braegger on 09/27/2010
Well, now I am intrigued, and would love to read the rest of the book...

Whitney Shafer on 09/27/2010
i would LOVE a copy to give to my friend who lost her little boy 7 months ago.

Cindy Martinsen on 09/27/2010
We lost a little grand daughter at the same time you lost your little Lucy. The book sounds like something I would like to read...

Debra Palomo on 09/27/2010
I would love a copy... as a widow myself I can relate to that first paragraph - and id love to read something with a little hope!

Carley Mills on 09/27/2010
I would love a copy. thanks molly for all you do. you're an inspiration.

Meg Parker on 09/27/2010
Molly, you and I have discussed the "relativeness" of grief and I can say, that none of my losses come close the authors or any of the other requesters, however, I would love a copy and after I read it I am going to pass it on to a friend of mine who is going to school to become a LCSW for families in grief. Meg parker, PO box 683453, 84068, or better yet, can we meet for a treat soon?

Tiffany Alleman on 09/27/2010
I know someone who is really struggling with a loss and would love this....

Jenny on 09/27/2010
i'd love a copy for my friend who lost her 6 month old baby boy, CJ a couple months ago.

Kelli on 09/28/2010
I have a friend who just lost her little girl after only a couple of hours with her. I would love to give her something that could help.

Melissa Tyler on 09/28/2010
I would love one!!

Jacob on 09/28/2010
Save a copy for someone who might need it down the road.

Chelsie Knighton on 09/28/2010
I wold love a copy I recently lost my daughter in August 2008 then my husband in March 2009 while pregnant with our son whom is now 14 months old.

Chelsie Knighton on 09/28/2010
I would love a copy for myself as I recently lost my daughter in August 2008 and then my husband in March 2009 and am struggling to care for my three boys.

Angela Letulle on 09/28/2010
I know a couple people that could benefit hopefully from reading this book

Holly Baldwin on 09/28/2010
Molly! I read your website often and think you are doing amazing things! We are facing losing our little foster daughter that we have raised since birth. She is now 10 months old and already the grief is building and we are losing hope. This book may be just what we need. Thanks for offering it!

Vera S. on 09/28/2010
I guess I am too late, I just wanted to add how great the book sounds. A reader from Germany :)

Shannon on 09/28/2010
If I am too late, I'll just have to look for it at the library or elsewhere. It sounds like a great read!

Rachel Cornwell Doyle on 09/28/2010
I would love a copy - I lost my oldest son three years ago and today I was diagnosed with cancer and dealing with a lot. It might help both my husband and me.

Jan Taylor on 09/28/2010
I would love to read this book. We lost our son 10 months ago so if I can't get a free one, could you let me know where I could get one. Thanks! bjjmltaylor@gmail.com

Bridget Johns on 09/29/2010
This book sounds intriguing.

Kendra Webster on 09/29/2010
I think this is just what I need. I feel im in that situation right now with the death of my daughter. kendraandryanwebster.blogspot.com

Abigail on 09/29/2010
Let me know where I can get one! Thanks!

D on 09/30/2010
I would love to read this book, sounds like what I need!

Meladie Winters on 09/30/2010
I would love a copy of this book for my sister-in-law. Her husband passed away just over 3 yrs ago on Christmas Day and it sounds like this book would be PERFECT for her. wintersmc@hotmail.com

Ashley Sullenger on 09/30/2010
I'm up for anything that would help, I have a neighbor who lost her husband in a drowning accident a week after we lost Preslee. She just had a baby and named him after her husband. I think we both could beneift from it! ash_sidd@hotmail.com

Susan on 10/01/2010
Sounds like a beautiful story. I would love to read it.

Ashley Allen on 10/01/2010
I've lost a really close friend to me, and I know this story would help. The one year mark is coming up at the end of October and I'm just hoping I won't struggle. It's been such a long hard road. Grief is different for anyone. I would love a copy of this book, it sounds amazing!

EMILY on 10/01/2010

Stephanie K on 10/03/2010
Heartbreaking story, but hopefully a story of hope. I would love a copy! stephaniekayerandall@hotmail.com I love your blog and website.

natalie on 10/03/2010
i'd love a copy! I love your blog. It's so helpful for so many.

Stephanie P on 10/03/2010
I would love a copy- I know of 3 sisters in my ward that have all lost babies.

Heidi Fling on 10/04/2010
I'd also love a copy! Thank you for your blog.

Trudy Bisel on 10/04/2010
I left a comment on your other website, sorry. You inspire me, Thank You! biselcon@allwest.net

Cassi Capell on 10/07/2010
I would love a copy...

Philly on 01/27/2012
What liberating knowldgee. Give me liberty or give me death.

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