Final Auction Items

Sep 30, 2010

The end of September is upon us. Thank you for spending this month with me as we've celebrated our one-year anniversary. We've raised a significant amount of money and I am very much looking forward to providing a headstone to another family in need. You are blessing lives!

For those of you who requested a book, please email me your home address to me: I think we have enough copies for everyone who requested one.


And now for our final auction items. They are a potpouri of sorts. I'm posting all the remaining items that were so graciously donated and we'll throw them all in the crockpot and see what happens. A huge thank you to everyone who donated.

First up to bat:

Vinyl lettering-

Have your family name done in vinyl lettering. Or your favorite saying.


Children's moccasins:

Size 5, give or take a size. These are hand-made leather moccasins.

Children's hats:




Thank you again, for all of your support. I hope you find comfort here. I pray you find hope here. I look forward to sharing many more stories of loss and love. I will be adding a few new features to the site in the coming months. One will be a section on book and gift suggestions for those who are grieving. Another will be a list of resources and support groups according to geographical location.

You and your loved ones are not forgotten.

Here's to another great year together. I love you!










Megan Tilton on 12/07/2010
I'lll bid $50 for the vinyl lettering. I know just what I want it to say!

Molly Jackson on 01/16/2011
Megan...I cannot believe it has taken me this long to reply to your bid!! I hope you get this comment. Would you still like the vinyl lettering? I can have it to you in a week! I'm so sorry!

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