The Great Christmas Giveaway Giveaway!

Dec 07, 2009

My good friend, Miggy, of This Little Miggy fame, came up with a brilliant idea and I'm thrilled to be participating. After reading the guidlines below, you'll get the idea. I'm joining with other great bloggers this week in hosting some fantastic giveaways.

Giveaway Giveaway guidelines:  

-- In keeping with the spirit of Christmas this giveaway is meant to focus on others--therefore you are to enter only in behalf of someone else.  We ask that this person be someone who is in particular need this holiday season.  We appreciate your honesty in this. 

-- Enter by leaving a brief and vague comment about the person you are entering for and why.  Something along the lines of "I'm entering for my friend who has had a rough year."  Please don't be too specific!  

--1 entry per person.   

-- Each giveaway will be open for 2 days {unless otherwise noted}.  We will then draw a name randomly and announce the winner at the end of the 2 days.  

--Once the winner has been announced they will need to send us an email with the name and address of the person they entered for.  All packages will be mailed directly to the 'person in need' and all packages will be sent anonymously.

Today's giveaway is a $50 Target gift card! Know anyone who could use it?  You have until Wednesday 12am MST (Tuesday night) to enter and the winner will be announced Wednesday morning.

Remember, you're entering to give these away to someone else!

Check back all week to see the other great giveaways. Head over to Say Yes! to Hoboken for quite possibly the most darling pillows I've ever seen.
P.S. Your comments may not look like they "go through" but they come to my email and I aprove them. Don't be comment shy. Happy Holidays to you, my friends.


Amanda on 12/07/2009
For my sister, who wants to get married next year and is making so many sacrifices to save up for her special occasion.

Ashley on 12/07/2009
for my big sister who works so hard and gives so much! I'd love to surprise her with this gift!

Jillian on 12/07/2009
for my mother-in-law and her husband who both lost their jobs and have nothing for Christmas.

Kerri on 12/07/2009
For my sister who lost her husband to cancer :o(

Anne on 12/07/2009
for my friend Mary Ann who is a great mom and neighbor. Its been a rough year, financially for her family and yet she is one of the most cheerful, upbeat people I know.

suzanne on 12/07/2009
For my 53 year old sister who has gone through a bitter divorce and lost her home. She also has severe health problems and is not able to work.

Kristen on 12/07/2009
For my dad who lost his job and doesn't have enough money to send my missionary brother anything for Christmas. This would be a blessing.

Allison on 12/07/2009
For my old high school friend who has been out of a job for a long time now and needs a Christmas for her 7 year old.

Sara on 12/07/2009
My single mom who is helping to raise my sisters 3 children and giving them their only Christmas. I'd love to be able to help!

Sarah on 12/07/2009
For a new friend who is raising three girls who could really use something nice for Christmas

Tammy on 12/07/2009
For my friend Kelly who is a single mom of five.

Jennie on 12/07/2009
For my dear parents who have had lost much this year.

sonya on 12/07/2009
For my friend whose husband has lost his job

Rebecca Jeppson on 12/07/2009
A friend who just lost her 11 month old baby boy(first and only child) one week shy of his first birthday, a few days before thanksgiving.

Pam on 12/07/2009
For my friend Kim and her husband Steve who tragically lost their son this summer on father's day.

Katie Paxman on 12/07/2009
For my neighbor who is having brain surgery next month and could use the extra help!

Alissa Packer on 12/07/2009
My best friend who has had a rough year...job loss, etc. Love the idea!

Myndie on 12/07/2009
For my family in Texas. My dad has been out of a full time job for 3 years. I have three little sisters and they were told by this company that they would be getting gift donations for Christmas, then this company backed out.

Cindi on 12/07/2009
for my sister who is a stay at home mom to her 4 kids and her husband has been out of work this year. i know they could sure use some help this Christmas. Thanks for the opportunity!

Lindsey R. on 12/07/2009
My sister who would love to have this right now!

Laurel Lowe on 12/07/2009
For my sister-in-law who has a baby and one on the way. Struggling even to buy groceries.

Maria on 12/07/2009
For the Angel Tree

Lindsay Atienza on 12/07/2009
For my best friend who has been hospitalized 4 times in the last month due to Chornes disease.

Angela on 12/07/2009
For my 19-year-old little sister whose one-day-old son passed away on Saturday.

Jayna Haws on 12/07/2009

Jessica S on 12/07/2009
For my friend going through a very rough divorce and her 3 kids who need it very much.

Ashlee T on 12/07/2009
For my sweet mother-in-law who takes care of all of us

Emily M. on 12/07/2009
For my sister in anticipation of her new baby!

Michelle on 12/07/2009
For my sister whose husband was just laid off from his job overseas and now has less than a week and a half to pack up her family's whole life and move back to the states. She could use a little extra cash and a pick me up.

Sheri M on 12/07/2009
For my sweet friend who has two little ones, and a husband that is so sick he can barely get up.

Deanna L. on 12/07/2009
For my brother. Starting over from scratch at 39.

ms13 on 12/07/2009
for my friend who could really use something to smile about.

Brittany E. on 12/07/2009
For my friend, a single mom of five trying to make it.

Karen R on 12/07/2009
For my cousin who lost his job and his 4 year old son this year.

Sarah B on 12/07/2009
For my sister who is a single mom (who is receiving no support) of 2 boys and recently lost her pregnancy at 19 weeks.

Kymberly Stoddard on 12/07/2009
for my sister who is working and going to school in New York.

Shara on 12/07/2009
For my husband's cousin who became a young widow (with a toddler) yesterday.

sarah on 12/07/2009
For some family friends: husband is out of work and they welcomed a new baby two months ago

Annie T. on 12/07/2009
For my dear Friend Abbey who has been strong for her two beautiful children through so much heartache and turmoil.

Courtney on 12/07/2009
For these best brother in the entire world.

Marcy on 12/07/2009
I am entering my sister. She is going to school, working two different jobs, and has four kids. I would love to give her a little surprise this Christmas season.

Cheryl on 12/07/2009
for someone in my ward who really struggles and has very little for christmas for her 3 little ones

Kelley on 12/07/2009
For my friend who lost his wife last week leaving him a single father of three young children.

Bridget on 12/07/2009
For my sister and her husband, who are struggling to keep their financial committments and their business in the black.

Michelle on 12/07/2009
For my mother who selflessly gives herself to her family.

Jenifer on 12/07/2009
For my neighbor who could use some Christmas help

Margaret on 12/07/2009
For Sandi who just finished her 5th round of chemo for breast cancer!

Angenette on 12/07/2009
For my friend who just went through a divorce and is struggling.

Meg on 12/07/2009
What a great idea. Would love this sent to a girl spending her 1st married Christmas alone while her new husband is at war. Thanks!!

Amanda on 12/07/2009
For my mother, who tirelessly devotes her entire life to caring for her own mother who is the late stages of a rare dementia like disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. She gave up her job and her life with her own children and grandchildren to care for her mother in her final years. God bless mothers - especially mine.

Valerie on 12/07/2009
I'm entering for my husband because he is so very hard to shop for but deserves something nice.

Shea on 12/07/2009
for a neighbor who is a single Mom and has struggled to make ends meet all year around.

Heather on 12/07/2009
For my friend that has moved twice to two different states within this year. It's been a tough one on her family.

Rochelle on 12/07/2009
For my sister and her husband who are trying to make their marraige work despite her husband's tendancey to be a complete butthead.

C B. on 12/07/2009
For my sister and 3 children. Her husband is self-employed with little work.

Stephanie on 12/07/2009
For my sister in law whose health problems have made it difficult to work.

Taryn Layton on 12/07/2009
For my bro and sis in law who just had a baby and need some humor when they're awake too late at night :)

Stephanie Waite on 12/07/2009
For the person Shara nominated (husband's cousin who became a young widow yesterday)

christina on 12/07/2009
for my little sister who is scrimping to get herself through grad school! we're so proud of her!

Heather on 12/07/2009
For my little sister who is physically handicapped and going through a divorce with two little ones. My dad caught her chopping wood with her cane so she could heat her home.

skt on 12/07/2009
for my sister-in-law struggling with her health and finances and raising her four children alone.

mary price on 12/07/2009
for my sister who has just had her 2nd baby boy and is going to have a meager Christmas this year.

Carrie on 12/07/2009
For our church group going to Mexico ... to take soccer balls and shoes to those in need.

Rebecca Allen on 12/07/2009
For my parents who are trying to make ends meet. They are always putting others first! (Reading all these comments is truly humbling, thank you.)

Just Me!! on 12/07/2009
For my sister who lost her house to a fire this summer. Their house was totaled. Her husband and their 3 kids are living in a camper trailer until their house is finished being finished. It has been a rough year for them.

Erika on 12/07/2009
For Emma, the custodian at the school I work at who works so hard, is a single mother, and loves to be of service to others. Thank you :)

Carri on 12/07/2009
For my friend who delivered her stillborn daughter just weeks before she was due.

Melissa on 12/07/2009
For our neighbor who has been out of work for nearly a year.

Megan on 12/07/2009
My husband who has been away at ARMY training, needs to get the kids some Christmas gifts.

Heather Gines on 12/07/2009
My Aunt who has a son fighting Cystic Fibrosis, in and out of hospitals,and covered in medical bills, and still thinks about everyone but herself! she is a amazing woman,aunt,sister, and most of all MOM! she deserves the world!

Jill on 12/07/2009
I am entering for my mom, who I can never repay for all she does for my children.

Heidi on 12/07/2009
For my friend, whose hubby lost his job a few months back.

Anonymous on 12/07/2009
Wow - when I first read this, I thought, "my husband lost his job last year and we have 4 small children. I wish someone would nominate me." I'm now sobbing after reading through the hardships of others who have lost so much more. I am so blessed! I would give the gift card to someone else off this list.

Nic on 12/08/2009
For my bff who eloped to remove all the anxiety of having a wedding...

Abigail on 12/08/2009
For my sister, who works because her husband doesn't have a job... and she misses her baby girl at daycare.

Carrie on 12/08/2009
For my brother whose business is really struggling right now.

Carolyn on 12/08/2009
For my mother who has lost her job and is nervous about paying her bills.

Lindsay on 12/08/2009
For my sister whom gives and gives and never takes, even when she has so little.

Cory on 12/08/2009
I'm entering for my mom. My dad passed away a few short weeks ago and I'd love her to have a little something extra. She is a wonderful example of faith and love.

Rebecca W on 12/08/2009
For my sister in law who after thousands of $ in medical bills for my niece and nephews this year is struggling to find a way for Santa Claus to come

Mabel on 12/08/2009
My sister she has had health problems this last year, and has accumulated lots of hospital bills that their Christmas funds have to go to pay off.

Mabel on 12/08/2009
My sister she has had health problems this last year, and has accumulated lots of hospital bills that their Christmas funds have to go to pay off.

Christina E on 12/08/2009
My friend Mei who's husband lost his job and she'd really like to start a family.

Stacy Oaks on 12/08/2009
For my sister who lost her twin baby boys when she was 20 weeks pregnant.

Mary on 12/08/2009
For my Mother-in-law who just got her child support and alimony decreased after being divorced for 16 years and raising 5 children all by herself!

Stacey Clay on 12/08/2009
I would like to enter for my Mother who never allows herself to buy anything just for her. She works so hard to give her family so much. I think its her turn!

Alisa on 12/08/2009
For a friend--an international student who is far away from home and their mom.

Chelsea on 12/08/2009
For food to supply the food bank this year allowing many to have a better Christmas.

Chelsey on 12/08/2009
For my dad who's trying to make ends meet. He spent all he had on rehab almost three years ago. He's been sober since but money is beyond tight for him

Abbie White on 12/08/2009
My amazing sister who has had a very hard year.

Amanda on 12/08/2009
For my sister in law who has had such a rough year financially.

Shannon on 12/08/2009
For my friend whose baby is battling cancer.

Julie on 12/08/2009
For my mom- who lost both of her parents this year only 82 days apart.

Jennifer on 12/08/2009
There is a young family that lives below us with 3 small children and I know things are tough for them this year because I can hear some of their conversations through the vents (I'm not eavesdropping, I swear!) I think a giftcard to Target would reallly help them to be able to buy a few gifts for their children.

Annette on 12/08/2009
My sister, she is the first to give and has had a very rough few months but never asks for anything. She always has a smile even when they find a tumor in her little boy and her husband loses his job. What an angel at such a hard time.

Jenny R on 12/08/2009
To my sweet neighbor who has a new baby, and her hands full.

Keesha on 12/08/2009
For my sister in law who is so deserving, works so hard, and doesn't have much left over at the end of month for herself.

jennifer on 12/08/2009
my brother; he & his girlfriend are soon to have a life changing experience together and need all the help we, their family, can give.

Eden on 12/08/2009
For my friend Maria, who had to have open heart surgery unexpectedly last week, she's alone and has nothing. Merry Christmas!!

Kelli on 12/08/2009
For a family who has no money and leaving in a shelter!

Heather on 12/08/2009
For my sister-in-law who just left her abusive husband.

Jane on 12/08/2009
For my dear friend that has struggled through the most difficult year.

Heather Maile on 12/08/2009
My cousin who just lost her husband and is doing Christmas on her own for her 6 girls ranging 1-10 years old.

Marta R on 12/08/2009
For a friend that would never let on that she could use a gift.

Marnae on 12/08/2009
For Jacinia, who has leukemia and is 7. Fair? Not so much. Maybe her mom could buy some last minute Christmas gifts for her family.

Barb @ getupandplay on 12/08/2009
For my friend whose husband is learning to walk again after a devastating car accident. She has a new baby, too, and could use some cheer.

Danielle on 12/09/2009
I want my brother to have it. My sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago and just last week we found out my brother has bone cancer. I would love for them to win

Lindy on 12/09/2009
my friend who's being looking for a job for about six months.

Missy on 12/09/2009
For Shelley, who this year will celebrate her first Christmas without her daughters, who passed away within a month of one another this year from Cystic Fibrosis, and for all the good work she does in their name to raise money and awareness for this disease.

Melia B on 12/09/2009
For my friend who just lost his wife to cancer, leaving him with three young children to raise.

Kate Quinn-Schroeder on 12/09/2009
For a friend with 4 kids, going through a divorce.

Kay on 12/10/2009
For my sister who has suffered much, but still loves and lives joyously

Cindi on 12/10/2009
I would enjoy giving this to the "THANKS" Program our Fire Dept. sponsors who gives to needy families in our town! Thanks, Cindi

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