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Sep 30, 2011

My Good Grief

Seven and a half years ago me and my husband got married in the LDS Temple and started an exciting life together. We spent a year finishing our degrees at BYU a... read more!

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Sep 13, 2011

Knowing Pain

This was originally posted on my family blog two years ago. The sentiments in this post have been on my mind lately and I was led to a beautiful website and post that expresses my thoughts more beauti... read more!

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Jul 16, 2011

Grief Glasses

Soybean capitol of the world. Decatur, Illinois. Complete with drenching humidity and a city-wide permeating stench from the local soybean factory. The year was 1999 and I don't remember much f... read more!

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May 30, 2011

Grief Club

I've been reading a book lately that was recommended to me by several friends. "You'll love it!" one says. "It's hilarious!" raves another. "It's a quick and light read!" is another recommendation. An... read more!

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Apr 01, 2011

From a Headstone Recipient

This is a blog post originally posted on No Empty Chairs, the Larson Family blog. Andrea Larson and I met via an online private blog for families who have lost young children. If you would like to be ... read more!

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Mar 21, 2011

Losing Erin

My sister Erin died on Memorial Day, May 26, 2008. She was 33 years old. She died of congestive heart failure due to intoxication of medication. At the time of her death she was not abusing any typ... read more!

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Mar 18, 2011

Benefit Concert

I'm calling our first annual benefit concert a HUGE success. The evening was absolutely incredible. Though I lost my fair share of sleep over this, stressed to the point of little to no appetite (not ... read more!

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Mar 06, 2011

Dear Death

In the very late hours of night, in October 2009, I sat at my computer and wrote the following on myblog:Dear Death-I hate you. I never want to see your ugly face again. You and your best friend, Grie... read more!

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Feb 17, 2011

Sunday Morning

Have you heard of Jed Wells? You should hear of him. I find him to be a little bit more than amazing. Jed and I met and interacted only once. It was at my home in Park City. He came to film the docu... read more!

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Feb 09, 2011

Please Join Us

... read more!

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